How to tuft. It’s super easy. You’ll need:

  • Dritz button making kit
  • Button Thread
  • Stapler
  • Darning needle
  • Drill (If you are tufting a seat cushion or ottoman you will most likely be using plywood to adhere the foam to and you’ll need to drill holes where you want your buttons to go.)

First, you make the buttons with the fabric you are upholstering with. Then decide where you want your buttons to go and mark with a marker.…

DIY Dining Room Bench/ Banquette

I’d known I wanted a dining banquette since I saw the dining room furnished. I also know that I am very fickle and something built in just wasn’t an option. Free standing was the way to go, but the ones I liked were expensive! I saw some building plans on Ana White, but they seemed a little too time consuming for Hubby and I. So I sketched more simple ones. Here’s how we turned these materials into one comfy, cozy dining settee.To build your frame you’ll need:

  • 2  1″ x 4″ x 8′ (primed piece was left over scrap from a previous project) .

Restained Dining Room Table MAKEOVER!

My dining room was in desperate need of a new dining room table..no no, wait. My dining room was in desperate need of a MAKEOVER. And it started with this dining room table. Here is what my dining room looked like before.

hot mess

This all started when my mom offered me her dining room set and I took it. It had the same finish as my previous dining room table that really didn’t work for me (a little too much shine for my taste and totally not practical with 2 dirty kids running around).…

DIY Dining Room Art (In 5 Minutes)

I bought inexpensive RIBBA frames from IKEA (9.99), but I didn’t know what to put in them. I was waiting until I saw the perfect print. Well they sat there until I got an idea to use some of my old faux flowers ( In my earlier decorating days, I was a fan of faux flowers) and extra burlap.  Materials you’ll need:

  • Faux flowers
  • Less than half a yard of burlap
  • Frame with mat
First, lift the metal wedges that hold the back of the frame up.


My amazing talented brother, who will be featured on this blog a lot, just finished my logo. I am in LOVE!!! You can visit his website johnnymcgee.com to see some of his other amazing work!

I love that he incorporated the hammer and paintbrush into the title. Plus, he used my actual handwriting in the signature. I think he’s somewhat of a genius, but I may be a little bias. A big thanks to him for really helping to make my blog chug a little farther.…

Hubby Says I’m Afraid Of Color…

So my amazingly wonderful husband says I need to start experimenting with color. So here’s my first colorful post. It’s my roadside rescue sewing bench. Yes, I pack my Little One’s in the car early on Wednesday mornings and look at what people are throwing out (It’s just so sad to know that perfectly good furniture will just sit in a landfill).

This little baby was on the side of the road. SADLY, I didn’t take a before shot because I’m a little too quick to rehab sometimes.…

Recovered Ottoman For About $12 In 2 Hours, No Ripping.

Our storage ottoman had seen better days. I had to face the fact that it needed help after almost 4 years of abuse. BUT I really didn’t want to take an ANOTHER upholstery project at this point they are piling up fast! It’s not really the upholstery that I mind so much as ripping it all apart before I actually upholster it.

So I decided I wasn’t going to rip it apart. I would just go right over it…it couldn’t hurt to try anyway.…

DIY Black Pipe Breakfast Table

I thought I’d give a quick post on how I (umm….Hubby) made our breakfast table. It was so super easy and customizable that I think a lot of other DIYers can get ideas from it. I know my super creative brother did (See more of his artistic abilities on his website!!)

We used IKEA’s butcher block countertop. Hubby cut to exactly 44 inches. I didn’t want it to interfere with our walkway. I actually use the left over piece as a cutting board!…

Media Cabinet Turned Vintage Shelf?

Yup you heard right. You know those old huge media cabinets that everyone is getting rid of ??? Oh yeah, I made mine into a vintage-looking shelf for my entry way.

I was using the same hooks and IKEA brackets in my entryway before. But it was definitely lacking style.

While I like the black frames, the shelf seemed dinky.

So anyway, back to the media cabinet.…

DIY House Number Sign In About 1 Hour

After renovating our home, we were left with some pretty unsightly holes in our brick. It also left us in need of a house number sign as the contractors ripped off all of our exterior molding when they added the columns.  Never fear. I had removed the doors from my hubby’s old armoire  and knew I could do something with them.  I  loved using Ardex feather finish on my DIY buffet countertop. It’s a skim coat concrete that goes on almost like joint compound.…