Measures to Maintain Jigsaws

Are you using a jigsaw for your home and workshop? I think that every carpenter should equip a jigsaw for yourself. Because Jigsaws are an indispensable tool for tasks such as straight cutting and shaping wood simply and quickly. The advantages are a great plus for comparing this saw with other types of saws or drills.

However, this type of tool is not used as often as other types of saws such as table saws or drills. Therefore, if you do not know how to properly store and maintain it, the tool will quickly become corrupted and degraded.

In today’s article, I will describe in detail the useful tips and tricks that every carpenter needs to know to preserve those jigsaw and other carpentry tools. Are you curious about what those tips are? Alright, I won’t let you wait any longer. Let’s start exploring.


Cool Down Heated Tools

After continuous working time, your tool may become hotter. It is a warning that it is overworked. In this case, you need to turn off the tool to let it cool down. This method will help the motor from wear and tear quickly. Or reduce the risk of explosion of other parts.

Besides overuse can damage the tool, If you use the tool with inappropriate materials of course also destroy the tool quickly. For example, is it ridiculous to use the best jigsaw to cut wood to cut other materials like cement or pottery? Therefore, you should always use jigsaw most appropriately and scientifically so that the tool can be used for a long time.

Clean the tool regularly

Regular cleaning before and after using the tool is a necessary process and cannot be ignored. This keeps your stuff clean and shiny. With the outer shell, you only need to use a towel to wipe away the dirt and dust. As for the inside of the tool, such as the vent, you need to equip a small brush to push the dirt that has accumulated in the tool out. Moreover, you should take some time to clean the tool daily before storing so that its parts do not rust quickly and always work most efficiently.


Lubrication is the next method I want to mention to help your power tools, namely jigsaws can always be in the best condition. Besides, regular lubrication of the engine will help reduce corrosion and rust from the environment or continuous use.

However, each type of electric tool will use a certain type of lubricant. You should consult people who use jigsaws. And the best way, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions on choosing the lubricant that is most appropriate to ensure the best.

Sharpen the blade

I think everyone knows that the blade is the most important part to decide the material of your cuts on the material. Therefore, you need to clean and sharpen the blade regularly before using the tool so that the cutting process is always easy and effective. And if the saw blade is taken care of regularly, you will not encounter a saw stuck in the material or even too blunt.

Tighten bolts and screws

If you use the tool for a long time, its screws or bolts tend to loosen. Moreover, if you do not check and constrain it, it will fall off at any time. That will greatly affect your cutting process. And even this error makes you injured. Therefore, please check the screws or bolts before using the tool to make sure there are no dangers.

Note about storage environment

Next, you need to store power tools as well as other carpentry tools in a dry environment. If you store electric tools in wet environments, the tools will be more prone to corrosion and rust faster. And It is even more so that the tools will be harder to work with or even unusable. Ideally, you should store the power tools in a box or cabinet if not in use. This helps to remove dust and dirt from the air entering the tool.

Replace worn parts

This is quite necessary if you want your cutting process to always be in the best state. Check and replace the rusted parts so they won’t interfere with your cutting. Specifically, the blade of the tool is a device that is likely to rust or break due to continuous work, so you should replace it immediately if you find it rusty. Or power cords and switches are also easy to break down quickly and need replacing immediately.

Battery care

If you are using a cordless jigsaw, you need to take care of this preservation. First, to keep the battery of the tool at its best, you need to store it in a dry environment and a moderate temperature. Next, if your battery is experiencing rapid depletion or overheating during the charging process, you need to get it repaired and replaced immediately. Because this is a sign that the battery is overworked and it may explode at any time. Lastly, do not leave the battery completely discharged before recharging. That reduces the life of that battery.

In conclusion

I have finished some tips and notes you need to know when using power tools in general and a particular jigsaw. Taking some time and follow my instructions so that your tool will work for a long time.

Finally, I hope that the information I have given will help you. And thank you for taking the time to read this article. Have a nice day.